Blackberry Q5 Versus Blackberry Q10

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Finally, Blackberry Q5 have finally been unveiled and released for purchase in selected countries like the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and its making its way to Africa and some other parts of the world.
According to Blackberry, Blackberry Q5 is targeted at developing countries and for those that can't afford to spend a whole lot of cash on the Blackberry Q10

The Q5 and Q10 look so alike that it is almost impossible to spot the difference from a meter away if you are not conversant with Blackberry devices.

Looking next to Blackberry Q5 from a distance, you may well not be able to tell its difference from a Q10 apart from you are a user and of avenue the set a price tag attached to the device will give permission you know which is which since Blackberry Q5 is cheaper.

The question is, come again? Is the difference amid Blackberry Q5 and Blackberry Q10? The answer to to facilitate is presented under to you in a tabular form.

To the same extent seen from the postpone exceeding, you would notice to facilitate Blackberry Q5 is frankly a low top device which is consequently reflected in the set a price tag.

Of avenue, it delivers the chock-full Blackberry 10 experience and you would truly love it as all Blackberry Q10 apps are supported.

What is your take on this Blackberry Q5 device?
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