How to Root Galaxy S4 Active

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Galaxy S4 Active own been successfully rooted by solitary of the admired hackers we respect in the Apple  society - Geoho.

Geohot is the guy behind the Bootrom exploit used in A4 iDevices like Apple iPhone 4 , 3GS and 3G and has extended its talent to jailbreak or root in robot stipulations the modern Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smartphone.
For persons to facilitate don't know, Galaxy S4 Active is the after everything else born of the Galaxy S4 cycle in the same way as Galaxy S4 mini. However,  its more tough and powerful being able to prevent dust from getting into its internals and can furthermore resist fill up engagement of up to 2 feet or even more.

Obviously this guy George Hotz, aka Geohot doesn't like responsibility the usual generic issue, he prefers to comprehend a more undying solution in a clean and more clear mode.

It would relevance you to know to facilitate guys next to XDA developers announced a reward of $450 to everybody gifted of rooting this device and Geohot is the guy to facilitate would be claiming to facilitate reward.

To successfully root your Samsung S4 Active smartphone, click here and click the samba icon from the page and you will be good to go.
Drop your comments to let us know how it went.

Image courtesy of Redmond Pie 

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