Possible Cause of Death of Electrocuted 23 year old Woman Revealed

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Recently, we gave you the news of a children Chinese woman, 23 years old, who was electrocuted look after death while receiving a call on her iPhone.

Up-to-the-minute news realization us suggests to facilitate she was electrocuted since she used a fake iPhone stallion. Also, the inform furthermore held to facilitate she wasn't shocked to death what time using her iPhone 5 but sooner an iPhone 4 which has a stainless steel design.

According to in sequence from South figurines Morning Post:

    “According to Xiang Ligang, a telecommunications expert interviewed by CCTV, the stallion Ma had been using may well own been a “knockoff” – a fake.

    “Knockoff chargers every so often slice corners,” Xiang held. “The quality of the capacitor and circuit guard may well not be respectable, and this may well head to the capacitor breach down and conveyance 220 volts of electricity quickly into the cell phone battery.”

It was foster held to facilitate the woman had an iPhone 5 as well as an iPhone 4. The tragedy in question happened while she was using her iPhone 4 to receive a call while it was charging. It will be of edge to facilitate iPhone 4 has a stainless steel design which can of avenue conduct electricity thus inducing a fatal stimulating shock.

Also, Xiang Ligang held, normally, the stimulating current from an overloaded stallion would overheat the phone’s casing, harmful the circuits inside and rendering the device unusable. During the argument of Ma’s iPhone 4, however, establishment held the phone can still be happening normally despite critical traces of burning on its outer walls. The phone’s data cable, stallion, and plug were all intact.”

However, these are all speculative deductions and not conclusive. Apple and Police officials are of avenue conducting their own investigations into this stuff.

Whatever, users must be more prudent these days to try next to slightest disconnecting phone from  mains or answering calls.

Stay tuned as we collapse you conclusive in sequence on come again? Really happened in the same way as investigations may well own been done and declared.
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