Top 10 Best Android Apps – November 2013

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Google Places For Business

Google Places is a notable way to attain something draw near to you and it’s plus super-easy to attain how tot progress nearby using Google Maps. Naturally, keeping things up-to-date is imperative in support of businesses. Which is exactly anywhere this app comes in. This is a notable app in support of individuals running a stockpile or something like so as to, it allows you to quickly edit your citation on the set out and you can act so in support of more than single location. It even lets you position to Google+ viewing inedible promotional offers and such. Clearly, this is simply leaving to be of much to commercial owners but, by the side of smallest amount Google has accepted wisdom of them in support of when.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

remote desktop

While belief is still pretty on bad terms whilst it comes to Windows 8, even with 8.1 at the moment existing it seems peculiar so as to Microsoft has taken this long to announce such an app in support of Android users. Regardless, the app is at the moment at this point and standing by in support of Android users all greater than the humanity to take help of. We took a quick look by the side of the app and found so as to it wasn’t too bad, it workings relatively well and gets you into your supercomputer away from your desk – which is exactly could you repeat that? It says it does. Definitely a decent app to allow installed if you endlessly attain manually wishing you uploaded so as to funnel to your Drive.


Despite its surname, Waterbot isn’t an app so as to controls a robot in your put up to fill with tears your procedure in support of you. Instead, it shrewdly reminds you whilst your plants need watering again. Which is notable in support of individuals of you so as to allow a digit of plants so as to need taking thoughtfulness of, it plus helps keeping track of another type of plants, too. With a insincere interface and support in support of each version of Android imaginable, Waterbot is an comfortable app to service to turn into certain you don’t exterminate any more place in the ground on your watch.



AOL bought Patch many a moon in the past and they’re to conclude burden something with it. Bringing hyper-local news to Android procedure all over the place. You can imagine this is the digital version of the area newspaper you in no way read or purchase. It’s a neat notion and single so as to workings relatively well. Of route, so as to is if you live in a “Patch town” if not, afterward you’re not worth it of chance, which is irritating.



The new-fangled Sony Smartwatch 2 is at the moment existing to purchase but, it doesn’t material if you allow an elder generation watch either, as this workings precisely fine. Modish essence, this takes all of the hassle not worth it of getting notifications on top of your smartwatch and lets you dispatch across all of your notifications. The app is comfortable to calibrate up and workings with pretty much one phone. Just like the Sony Smartwatch 2 itself, making the watch and this app far more easy to use than the Galaxy Gear offering from Samsung.



Calling all PC Gamers! Power-Grid from Roccat is to conclude existing on Android. The innovative new-fangled way of getting a little further control whilst gaming, Power-Grid offers all method of control from your Android smartphone. You’ll allow to install their software on your PC of route but, when you’ve ready so as to things are straightforward. You can control sound and skin texture like so as to straight the way up to cool game-grids like the single beyond. Giving you a little more control whilst on stage by utilizing a device you already own. Genius.


Bitstrips is a fun app so as to allows you to create unpretentious comic strip sections on the rush. You can sample these in concert and afterward share them with contacts. It’s a novel way of carriage someone a message or conveying your mood. This sort of mechanism might not be new-fangled but, Bitstrips offers a comparatively fresh take on things and it lets you progress creative with little effort.
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Autoblog 360


Unfortunately, many Americans simply don’t allow the sort of cash to purchase their goal car and test driving something you can’t own isn’t cool. So, with this new-fangled app from Autoblog, you can pretend to progress in the car, stretch your arms not worth it eclectic and move your tablet side-to-side while making car noises. Go on, precisely act it, we won’t expert. Modish detail, I precisely did it myself! Needless to say, if you’re in the sell of a new-fangled car, this will break you a quick glance of the interior of the vehicle beforehand you take a closer look by the side of single in the flesh.



Despite its surname, this is truly an app to bring frequent in concert by the side of a fitting instant, not to copy pictures of cats. Doodle can invite frequent from your Android take in hand report and it plus syncs to your GMail calendar. Overall though, the app is a little rough around the edges, leading to a little frustration. The model is a notable notion especially with this active instant of time scary. Obviously, individuals for eternity on the set out will attain this more effective than a person as well.

BlackBerry Messenger

BBM Android 2

Sure, BBM might be oldhat at the moment, something you don’t need to recompense attention to but, download facts carry on to gradient and it seems pretty general not worth it nearby. What many seem to be missing at this point is so as to BBM is a notable way to progress in handle with BlackBerry users and iOS users all in single app. WhatsApp and others offer the same sort of mechanism but, we imagine many of your iPhone “friends” will be more inclined to install this more willingly than WhatsApp. No material could you repeat that? Though, this might be the biggest mechanism BlackBerry has ready in the keep up two years. The service can simply progress better from at this point though so, watch this deep space.
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Switchr is single of individuals apps so as to seems superfluous, until you service it. Sure, the multitasking menu in Android has gotten pretty fine since Android 4.0 but, with all this jargon of gestures, shouldn’t we progress more ticklish feely whilst switching tasks? That’s exactly could you repeat that? Switchr offers and it’s tremendously insincere and comfortable to service. This fits in well with one Nexus device, and might even clean up the task switcher on Samsung and HTC procedure. No material could you repeat that? Though, this is by a long shot the superlative way to switch apps on Android and we hope so as to Google is taking interpretation.
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