Why Nokia Choose Windows Phone OS Instead of Android

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Nokia's chief executive Stephen Elop own certain a think logically why Nokia didn't select Android to return Symbian  in 2010 what time it absolute to ditch  Symbian OS from its phones and return it with the struggling Microsoft OS representing mobile, Windows Phone OS.

According to Elop, the wealth he made was justification and he and his team  are content to own made the wealth back in 2010 and still stands by it even promptly.

He affirmed to facilitate Nokia absolute not to make for with Android since it seemed like and OS to facilitate would be absolutely dominated by solitary manufacturer which is come again? Is occurrence promptly.

He affirmed and roundabout to facilitate Samsung is absolutely calculating Android giving other phone manufacturers little or rejection good fortune next to victory as evident with come again? HTC is facing in the robot universe.

During Stephen Elop's terminology "I'm very content with the decision we made," he held.

"What we were vexed around a link of years previously was the very high spot lay bare to facilitate solitary hardware manufacturer can show your face to dominate Android. We had a suspicion of who it might be, since of the assets offered, the vertical integration, and we

Were civil of the piece of information to facilitate we were quite much-lamented in making to facilitate decision. Many others were in to facilitate universe already."

"Now fast promote to at the moment and examine the Android ecosystem, and there's a lot in life of respectable strategy from many discrete companies, but solitary company has fundamentally promptly be converted into the dominant player."

That solitary company is Samsung.

While a quantity of may well distinguish respectable total of points in Stephen's rationale,  a quantity of may well distinguish it as a bad call especially bearing in mind the piece of information to facilitate Nokia was already in the phone transaction long previously or Samsung.

Nokia is a branded appoint amongst so many fill with, with trusted and quality hardware to facilitate are branded to be built to after everything else.

Should in argument they done talks with Google back in 2010 and consume Android as symbian alternate they would own really consumed far.

Besides, there's a gigantic amount of fill with who don't really like the Korean company representing their doubling-up of iPhone and consequently for the most part westerners would own favoured Nokia as their wealth representing Android sooner than Samsung.

The truth is,  Android own really be converted into a force in the mobile ecosystem and Nokia would own benefited strongly from it if it united Android in 2010 what time Samsung wasn't even a force.

Nokia no vote from Android since of Samsung or since of manufacturer dominating the Android platform shouldn't be a gigantic think logically next to all. Instead, Nokia must own challenged Samsung to the call.

Even though Samsung has a lot in life what time it comes to manufacturing power, Nokia is furthermore has equal amount manufacturing power combined with patents and superior hardware and appoint to facilitate would own usual it apart from Samsung completely.

Well, as far as Stephen is concerned, at hand is rejection departing back promptly.  They are sticking  with Windows Phone 8 and will comprehend to to facilitate level they mean to.

Is this really a smart move by Stephen Elop to make for with Windows Phone OS as an alternative of Android?  You tell us.
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